No excuse: Cardio pump workout for healthy body


Cardio is a very useful and important form of workout. if someone add cardio to their daily workout it will help to increase strength, and to reduce fat. but make it in a proper way cardio helps a lot to pump the workout.

Cardio can be done at home as well as in gym. many home cardio exercises are as following.

  1. Jump rope : Jump rope is an effective cardio exercise.its much look like a game instead of a workout but help so much to tone your body.
  2. Jumping jacks : Jumping jacks involve the entire body and are a good way to work the heart, lungs, and muscles in one exercise. in jumping jack we make jumps with hands move upwards. Those who have severe knee joint pain should avoid jumping.
  3. Running: Running is the best cardio exercise because it works on whole body and help to strengthen muscles.
  4. Squat jumps : By this exercise you can tone your thigh muscles. it also help to maintain blood pressure.
  5. High intensity interval training : This exercise includes various holds.  it works like intervals during workout like planks..
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