How to use back machines? Important tips!


When a person is doing his body building, he/she needs flexibility in his body and strength to perform better. Because without body strength no exercise will result as per required. For strength and flexibility Back exercises can be the best and get the most out of your workout. Incorporating exercise using back exercise machines can help to stretch the muscles in your back and support areas, improving your overall strength and flexibility. Back machines are easy to use and you can take advantage of them no matter what your level of fitness or commitment.

Most of the fitness freaks make mistakes using back machines which can cause serious harm to the spine. so it is very much important to use back machines in proper manner.

Tips for using the back machine.

Adjust the back extension machine according to your height so that your feet are safely bent under the foot pad. You need to ensure a good fit so that you are holding firmly when starting the bend at the hips. Place your lower body in a large pad provided for this purpose. You need to be very forward so that you can flex the upper body almost at right angles. Cross your arms under your chest.

tips to use back machine

  1. Handle the abdominals by bending the arms and keeping the body in a horizontal position. Make sure the ankles are well anchored.
  2. Gently bend at the waist until the upper body is at 90 degrees from the lower body. Avoid over bending your lower back and squeeze your glutei on top.
  3. Extend to the starting position and stretch slightly upward so that the back is in hyper extension.
  4. Try three sets of five reps – more or less depending on the position and strength of your back and abdominal muscles.

Hope you find this Article useful.