Biceps Workout


Biceps is the strongest muscle on the upper part of arm. The biceps is a single muscle which includes a short head and a long head. The biceps is attached to the arm bones by tough connective tissues called tendons. For any fitness freak or body builder strong and stylish biceps muscle is a dream, and they work hard for it.

Here are some effective Biceps exercises which help to build upper arm strong.

Standing Barbell Curl

The most basic biceps practice is standing barbell curl. It is very effective for a bodybuilder and for any beginner. Here, one has to hold a barbell with an underhand, palms facing at shoulder width. Keep the barbell at the waist level and keep your back and knees straight, then bring it up to your chest and make sure to follow the natural contraction and extension movement of your biceps.

Standing Dumbell Curl

This is an exercise that targets both your biceps and your forearms. It works pretty much like a dumbbell curl, except for one little twist (quite literally). In this you have to take dumbells of equal weight in both your hand and stand straight and move upward your dumbell one by one. Once your dumbbell is at the top of the movement, pause and rotate the dumbbells so your palms face forward. Lower the weights down in that position. Then, rotate the dumbbells back and repeat.

Siting Dumbell

This is an important and effective workout for Biceps. In this you have to sit on a bench and fix your elbow below your knee. and move upward the Dumbell one by one with both your hand. do 4 set of each hand with minimum 10 reps.